Neck Pain? Shoulder Pain? Back Pain? Maybe It’s Time to Consider a Standing Desk

Since I was a kid, I have had a bad sitting posture. As I spend more and more time sitting at a desk, my bad posture has been giving me back, neck, and shoulder pains once in a while. To improve the situation, I started using a Griffin Elevator laptop stand, a keyboard, and a trackpad about a year ago. Having my laptop’s screen at a higher position has indeed alleviated the pains, but it isn’t satisfactory yet.I don’t exactly remember when I started seeing it, but the idea of using a standing desk seemed interesting and I had occasionally read about the benefits of standing up while one works.

For those of you who have never heard of or seen a standing desk, this diagram for standing desk ergonomics from Tinkering Monkey is helpful to figure out how it works:

Tinkering Monkey's Standing Desk Ergonomics

If you google “standing desk,” you can find many standing desks like these:

– Tinkering Monkey’s Custom Standing Desk ($750)

Tinkering Monkey Standing Desk

– GeekDesk’s GeekDesk Max ($949~)

GeekDesk Max

Many of the standing desks that you find online are DIY, and IKEA products seem to be the most popular to use to construct such desks. Among many practical and appealing desk options, I found these two desks:

– Ikea Hack Desk by Jane from Enough Good

Ikea Hack Desk by Jane from Enough Good

Simple Adjustable Standing Desk by Jessica from jessica’s blog

Simple Adjustable Standing Desk by Jessica Allen

I particularly like these two because of their simple design and storage space. Jane’s desk seems sturdier because of the UTBY underframe and its bottom storage space must come in handy for her printer and other desk accessories. Jessica’s use of the LACK TV bench is brilliant and must require less dusting and provide a stable structure.

Using these two as examples, I think I’m going to make my own standing desk masterpiece! Before I really get excited, I should calculate the ideal height to see if any combination of IKEA products works for me.

IKEA Hackers has so many posts on standing desks as well, so I should check there to get more ideas!


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