Let’s Use an iPad (Mini) as a Moleskine Notebook – Part 4: Adobe Collage App


In Part Four of this series, I want to expand on the visualization of ideas, the main idea that led me to use Prezi‘s iPad app to recreate the Moleskine experience on my iPad. While the Prezi app provides a basic way of taking notes on iPad, its limited functions means that we can’t enjoy the process of visualizing ideas fully. I have been searching for other apps that have similar functionality as Prezi, and I found the Adobe Collage app.

4. Create idea collages…

The Adobe Collage app provides its users with a platform to combine text, images, and drawings. For designers, this app may be useful to create mood boards, collections of text, images, and objects to visualize design concepts and ideas. The following sample collage on the app may give you a good sense of what you could make:

Adobe Collage Sample
 A sample collage on Adobe Collage app

As you can see, this app allows you not only to add text and images but also to draw. You can even mask images! (The coffee cup is the masked image.) This function is similar to the web version of Prezi: you can search and import images from Google and Flickr as well as videos from YouTube. You can even add web clips as well! Like Prezi, you can rotate and change the size of images and text, so emphasizing specific text and images is relatively easy.

If I had taken the same notes that I took on Prezi as seen in Part 3, it might end up looking like this:

Prezi's Notes

I didn’t change the relative positions of the original text, but I added some relevant images and some drawings. Since my handwriting is rather messy, typing text makes it easier for me to read what I wrote later, and the drawing function allows me to add lines, shapes, and marks as I would with a pen. The capacity to add images and videos is such a benefit for me especially since cinema and media studies is my field.

I would definitely choose Adobe Collage over Prezi on iPad to recreate Moleskine notetaking, but this app has few minor weak points:

  1. Less intuitive ways of rotating and scaling images and texts as in Prezi
  2. Limited size and expandability of its canvas
  3. Lack of presentation mode

Maybe you will get used to rotating and scaling images and text in the Adobe Collage app, but if you’re impatient, it may not work well. If you want to keep adding text and images to a canvas, you will quickly face limitation with this app. If you want to present your canvas like Prezi, Adobe Collage isn’t your best option to take notes. Beyond these points, Adobe Collage is my ideal app to take notes, collect ideas, and (attempt to) create ideas as I do in Moleskine.

For now, the combination of DODOcase Classic and Adobe Collage may be the best way to make your iPad (Mini) physically and functionally feel like your favourite Moleskine. With its compatibility with video clips, Adobe Collage can definitely make your iPad Moleskine 2.0!

Let’s Use an iPad (Mini) as a Moleskine Notebook Series

  1. Evernote and Moleskine suggest: Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine
  2. Dress an iPad like Moleskine: DODOcase and Moleskine Covers for iPad
  3. Think like Prezi: Prezi App
  4. Create idea collages: Adobe Collage App

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