Welcome to my blog, Unruled Eyes. My name is Masaki and I’m a Ph.D. student in Cinema and Media Studies. I decided to start this blog to share my experience as a Ph.D. student in cinema and media studies. I will likely focus on the following three topics here:

  • Cinema and media studies in relation to my research
  • Apple products, related tools, and technology for research and productivity
  • Vicissitude of a Ph.D. student life

While the first two are relatively specific, the last one can be a wild card so that I can write whatever I feel like but I try to stay focused on something relevant to a “Ph.D.” student life.

I really hope to continue this blog throughout my PhD program (and maybe beyond it) to collect and share my thoughts. Since I’m a slower writer, writing for this blog relatively constantly may also help me improve my writing habit!

When I am not studying, I enjoy cycling and cooking, and I am, of course, a vegan!


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